Meet the Photographer

About Me

I'm Leslie Naden, owner/photographer of Anna Darlene Photography. I began my business in August 2008. It's been more than four years now, and I am absolutely in love with what I do. I love to see the art in the everyday and in the unusual. Capturing photographs for people helps me to do just that, and I believe it helps people to understand the beautiful stories of their lives.

I have always had a voracious appetite for knowledge and love for learning. I graduated from Benedictine College in May 2012 with my B.A. in English and minors in Art and Theology. I love to read, write, and paint. I have a passion for music
I am currently a graduate student at Emporia State University in Kansas, working toward my Master's in Library Science. 

Why "Anna Darlene?"
My grandma Darlene with me as a child.
In December 2007, a few weeks before her death, I had the opportunity to show my grandmother, Anna Darlene, some of my photos. She made a point of telling me how proud she was and pushed me to "go for it!" if photography was something I really loved. Months later, when I decided to start my own photography business, it only made sense for me to name and dedicate my business, and every photo I take, to her.